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How to rock casual wear - Men and Women fashion

by Harel Hayon on November 02, 2020

Solids bring out the best version of you!

Solid can never go wrong trust me on this , I love wearing them as it can be paired with many things, just bring out your white or any colored t-shirt and pair it with jeans and dope accessories you are good to go even on a date ;) . This is the ace in casual wear .

Avoid graphics that look childish!

I know this is heart breaking but if you want to make an impression you need a sharp and edgy look, and for that this is the first step. You can still opt for pieces with some patterns or similar but a big NO to childish looking tees like below . *thumps down*

Add prints to your style!

Prints can really be your statement pieces sometimes , I love printed shirts, skirts everything even print on print can be so fun to play with. Just find a print that matches your vibe.

Add quirky pieces!

This is my favorite part as I love experimenting , I always add something to my outfit which draws more attention than the whole outfit itself . It can be any jewelry , may be hair piece , bag , shoe or any piece of clothing.

Keep it simple no need to look like runway model!

When it comes to fashion we tend to take inspiration from fashion weeks but the style and trend you find there can sometimes be non wearable in normal life as we don't want to look flashy . And following those runway trends, for instance crazy accessories can totally make a fool out of you.

Last but most important, wear confidence!

Confidence is really really important as it can break or make any look . If you are confident on what you are wearing, a simple outfit can look dope and it you are not comfortable then your confidence will also be low and reflects even if you are wearing most trend outfit and wouldn't make a good impression. Wear what your are comfortable in.

That's why I thought of making blog on casual wear as most people are comfortable in them only . I hope I have solved your problem as confident comes with comfort.